MATTWAY FEAT ADN – Closure (Official Video) out now
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His music generates from the mind, passing through the heart and taking shape through the mixer. Mattway is not only the name of a talented producer, but also the synonym of fine music, multiple styles and unique beats.
“Closure” is his new quality production feat. the outstanding voice of ADN. This is an extraordinary production taking you on an energetic journey into a private dreamscape. Listen to it and see.

Video by: D-Video Production / Simone Forti
Assistant: Daniele De Giorgio
Actors: Andrea Marcaccini, Andrea Denver, Andrea Napoleoni, Elena Egorova, Giulia Salemi, Mattteo Paggi
Brand: Hysideis
Photo by: Daniele Cipriani
Stylist: Giuseppe Ceccarelli
Special thanks to: Sonia Carapezzi, Luca Testa, Rodney Hill